Reconstruction – not yet, maybe never!

I understand why women might feel strongly one way or another about breast reconstruction. However, I’ve felt conflicted about whether to proceed with it. My head has told me not to while I've had a gut feeling that I should. In this post, I consider why I felt this way and how my perspective has … Continue reading Reconstruction – not yet, maybe never!


Hair again – through and post-chemo

I’m overdue a conclusion to the first part of my post on hair loss during chemo. It was an emotional post because losing my hair was a big deal for me. I felt more trauma thinking about losing my hair than my breasts because, to me, it was a more significant part of my identity. … Continue reading Hair again – through and post-chemo

Chemo – the final rounds

Chemo is over – hooray! I haven’t posted an update for while, partly because of the last couple of rounds were more upsetting than I expected and partly due to fatigue that hit me after round 3. I've also had welcome distractions through school holidays and a visit from my mother-in-law but I have wanted to continue … Continue reading Chemo – the final rounds

My mastectomy

Six weeks ago, at the age of 35 (for another week anyway!), I had a double mastectomy. My understanding is that this is sometimes called a bilateral mastectomy (meaning both sides) and also referred to as a contralateral mastectomy (where breast has cancer and the other is healthy). Regardless of the terminology, I had both breasts … Continue reading My mastectomy